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Learn Business Development from the Expert in Jodhpur

Why Business Development ???

“Business Development is the art of identifying opportunities, turning them into business and implementing growth strategies, leading to the creation of value for all the stakeholders of the company (employees, customers, partners, suppliers).” The Business Developer is expected to anticipate the development and growth of the business and is a key adviser to management. The high number of job offers for Business Developer and Business Analyst position indicates just how attractive these skills are to employers. It covers all the nuances of business may it be Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Lead Nurturing, Lead Conversion or Lead Closure. It is one of the most toughest as well as most rewarding career to pursue for.

Why Business Development with Quest in Jodhpur ???

Business Development is Quest's Unique Selling Point. It is valuable to an employee who wish to contribute towards the growth of his organisation as well as for an entrepreneur who wish to take his business to greater heights. It highlights the complete journey of Sales and Marketing cycle for Service as well as Product based industries. Each topic covered in this Summer Internship Training focusses on a certain dimension of wisdom required to be successful in Business. This training involves Real Time Client Interactions, Proposal Making, Cold Callings, In-person Meetings and Sales Closures with clients.

Let's have a look at topics we'll be covering during our training sessions-

# Introduction to Business Development
# Scope of Business Development
# IT Sales, Staffing & Resourcing (Build, Engage, Recruit) and Client Acquisitions
# Business to Business and Business To Clients (B2B and B2C Approach)
# Lead Generation
# Lead Qualification
# Lead Nurturing
# Lead Conversion
# Closing Techniques
# End to End Sales Cycle 
# L1, L2 and L3 Sales Cycle
# Bidding on Online Portals, Creating Strong Profile and Setting up an Account.
# Building Proposals, Mockups, Wireframes and Prototypes.
# Craft of Pitching & Prospecting and Effectively Delivering Sales Scripts
# Converting Cold Calls into Warm Calls.
# Stepping into Customers shoes and Objection handling.
# Dispute Resolution and Art of Persuasion.
# Sales Personas Hunters V/S Farmer
# Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management
# Hands on Experience on CRM tools like - Salesforce and Hubspot
# Hands on experience on Data mining tools like - LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoominfo and Inside View.
# Strategy Making - SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Ansoff Matrix, Porter's five forces and four corner's analysis.