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Enroll for Best Personality Development Programs in Jodhpur

Personal Development - A Necessity !

If you are looking for a typical Personality Development course which can transform your life in a week like a magic pill then you are definitely at a wrong place, feel free to opt for other institutes in jodhpur. Bad Behaviours, Habits, Traits, Patterns and Lifestyle which you have developed over years can't be changed in a fraction of hours or days, it takes time & effort and Quest institute is the only training centre in jodhpur which focuses on actual growth and long term sustainable results rather than false promises. If you are willing to go ALL IN.. Welcome to QUEST !

Why Personality Grooming with Quest in Jodhpur ???

Building Charismatic Personality is a combination of a well balanced Internal and External Personality. Quest Institute of Learning provides highly customized and classified courses as per the requirement of individuals or groups from all walks of life. We have designed specialized programs focussing on issues and challenges faced by students and working professionals in their day to day life. May it be fear of speaking in public, shyness, inferiority complex, relationship issues, depression, anxiety etc. Each program focusses on a certain dimension of wisdom required to be successful in life. Have a look at few of our programs and topics we cover during our sessions below.

Program - 1 [ Communication Skills ]

# Speech Craft (Public Speaking, Ice Breaking and Humerous Speeches)
# Interpersonal Skills (Mastering Small Talks, Conversation Hacking and Overcoming Shyness)
# Interview Skills (Introducing Yourself, Q&A Sessions, Mock Practice Sessions, Developing Self Belief and Confidence)
# Group Discussions and Debates (Effective Listening and Speaking, Developing Patience and Situation Handling Skills)
# Presentation Skills (Holding Nerves, Effective Communication, Eye Contact and Audience Awareness)
# Social Etiquettes (Table, Phone, Dining and Minding Manners)

Program - 2 [ Personal Development ]

# Attitude (Setting up the Sail, Framing your Mind, Expectancy and Gratitude)
# Leadership Development (Gaining Confidence, Success and Optimism)
# Setting Goals (Classification of Goals, Creating Action Plan, Revieving and Achieving them)
# Understanding Human Behaviour and Body Language (Gestures, Postures and Facial Expressions)
# Developing Social Intelligence (IQ, EQ, EIQ and SQ)
# Self Management (Organizing, Planning and Increasing Productivity)

Program - 3 [ Spiritual Awakening ]

# Moving From Mind Wanderingness to Mind Fullness
# Mediation and Intuition Enhancement
# Science of Happiness (EDSO) and Concept of Brainwaves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma)
# Understanding Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind
# Reprogramming of Subconscious Mind
# Stress Management and Art of Rejection.

Program - 4 [ Knowing Yourself ]

# Psychometric Assessments to go Deeper
# NLP and CBT based Activities
# Science of Achievement
# Art of Fulfillment
# Self Introspection Sessions for clarity of Life
#- Listening to Problems, Providing Insights and Readressing them in Future.